Workbook migration from lower version to higher version of Tableau server using Python

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Hi All,

Currently I am working on Data source and workbook migration from one server to another server.

As part of migration I have to migrate Data sources and workbooks from the server 2018.1.3 to the server 2018.3.8

For which I have a python script, which will initially download the data sources and workbooks from lower version of server to my local drive

and then upload to the higher version of server.

Python script is working fine for downloading and uploading Data sources. But for workbooks, downloading is working but uploading is not working.

Through this script, I was able to publish workbooks from one site to another site within the same server and also tested with different servers with same version, and working as expected.

Please let me know whether lower version to higher version compatibility is possible through python?

If possible what are the things I should consider to do it?

Any help is really appreciated.

Aug 22, 2019 in Tableau by Bala

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