Is it possible to create a Pytest Fixture which can be shared with other tests?

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Can anyone show how to create a sample pytest fixture which can be shared with other tests?
Aug 22 in Selenium by Prashashti

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Hi Prashashti, to create a fixture that will be shared across several tests, you have to put it in the file Any fixture in it will be recognized automatically. A fixture that starts the web browser looks like this:

def driver_get(request):
    from selenium import webdriver
    web_driver = webdriver.Chrome()
    session = request.node
    for item in session.items:
        cls = item.getparent(pytest.Class)

@pytest.fixture above driver_get() function indicates that this function will be used as a fixture with scope=session. The request parameter refers to the test session, as fixture functions can accept the request object to introspect the “requesting” test function, class, module or session, depending on the scope.

answered Aug 23 by Abha
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