Selecting based on filters

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For below data

OrderID Value Above 100
1 110 Yes
2 90 No
3 150 Yes

1. How can select create a measure selecting only "Yes"


2. I need data where Above 100 is "Yes"

Aug 11 in Power BI by anonymous
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If you have more than one table or visual on the same page, then do not use a slicer for filtering, else use a slicer.

1. Create a table with OrderId and Value fields. 

2.  If more than one visual or table is on the page, then Next drop the Above 100 field in visual level filters shelf as shown below and go to basic filtering then select yes, 

else create a slicer from visualizations pane with Above 100 field.

Hope it helps!

answered Aug 11 by anonymous
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Thanks for the response.

Forgot to mention that I have relationship built with another table and when I select this slicer as you mentioned it will affect the 2nd table as well.
Sure. So add the Above field in the visual filter so as to not affect other table or visuals.
So does the solution help your question or any change to your question?
I am using 2 values in one table.

So when I apply above 100 slicer on the visual level filter the other value of also getting impacted.
Add Above a field in visual level filters only and not in the slicer.

If you add Above 100 field in slicer as well as visual level filters then the slicer will affect your table and also the visual filter.

If you have added so then remove the slicer and keep only visual level filter.

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