Plot a pie-chart in Python in Matplotlib

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I am trying to plot a pie-chart of the number of models released by every manufacturer, recorded in the data provided. Also, mention the name of the manufacture with the largest releases. Need help on this. I am not able to do it.

car = pd.read_csv("Cars2015.csv")
plt.pie(y, labels=label, autopct="%1.1f%%", shadow=True, startangle=140)

this my code but it gives a different picture

Jul 22 in Python by Krish

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Not sure which dataset you are using. But here's a sample code for your reference:

Please find the below code to solve this problem statement.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv('C:/Users/ed110374/Desktop/faltu stuff/Cars2015.csv',delimiter=',')

#drop the column which are not require.

df = df.drop(['Model','Type','LowPrice','HighPrice','Drive','CityMPG','HwyMPG','FuelCap','Length'], axis=1)

df = df.drop(['Width','Wheelbase','Height','UTurn','Weight','Acc030','Acc060'],axis=1)

df = df.drop(['QtrMile','PageNum','Size'],axis=1)

#based on make count the number of models

df['count'] = df.groupby('Make')['Make'].transform('count')



#Based on the count obtain we will plot our graph.


ax1 = plt.subplot(121, aspect='equal')

df.plot(kind='pie', y = 'count', ax=ax1, autopct='%1.1f%%',startangle=90, shadow=False, labels=df['Make'], legend = False, fontsize=10)

answered Jul 22 by Shri

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