What is Ingress Is it something that runs as a pod or on a pod

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Can someone help me understand this concept?
Jul 19, 2019 in Kubernetes by Sam
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  • An ingress is an object that holds a set of rules for an ingress controller, which is essentially a reverse proxy and is used to (in the case of nginx-ingress for example) render a configuration file. 

  • It allows access to your Kubernetes services from outside the Kubernetes cluster. It holds a set of rules.

  • An Ingress Controller is a controller. Typically deployed as a Kubernetes Deployment. 

  • That deployment runs a reverse proxy, the ingress part, and a reconciler, the controller part. 

  • The reconciler configures the reverse proxy according to the rules in the ingress object.

  • Ingress controllers watch the k8s API and update their config on changes. 

  • The rules help to pass to a controller that is listening for them. You can deploy a bunch of ingress rules, but nothing will happen unless you have a controller that can process them.

  • LoadBalancer service ->Ingress controller pods->App service (via ingress)->App pods

answered Jul 19, 2019 by Sirajul
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