I want to read all the row and search in the web browser

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I am having one url and excel data i want to search the read the data and serach in the url the bot was not running  can u help me out.
Jul 15, 2019 in RPA by chinna
Sorry but your questions seems unclear to me. Can you please explain your query or workflow your wish to achieve?
I don't know how you created the workflow but anyway plz follow below steps
-use excel application scope and read range activity and store the output in datatable variable say DT1
-if the url is in excel then inside the body of excel application scope use open browser activity and in that give like this dt1. Rows(give the column name). To string
-now use for each row activity give the input of datatable inside the body use type into activity and give the values like row(1).tostring
Here in the place of 1 you can use column name also.
Hey Venkat, thank you for your answer. Very well explained and clear.

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I am having one web url first of all I want to open the browser and I want to search for provider name if the provider name exists the bot goes to excel which contains provider name,dob and all other fields.if the provider name exists the bot comes to excel and must writes exists otherwise doesn't exists.
answered Jul 15, 2019 by Sri
Can you tell which URL you are trying to open and what provider name you want to search?
You can take any one website related to that and help me out with the problem

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