***Edureka Techathon Discussion***

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A Data Science Hackathon to test your problem-solving skills. Stand a chance to win prizes worth up to ₹25,000!! For any doubts regarding the Edureka Techathon, ask it in the comment/answer section below.

Jul 15, 2019 in Ask us Anything! by Edureka
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How hackathon levels are intermediate or difficult I mean what is the skill to get in hackathon , is any certification courses of edureka need to atleast participate in this contest?
Hi @Vignesh

There are different levels. You have to be good at Machine learning, Data Science methodologies and you must know Python. These are the skills you need to take part in the Hackathon. You can go through the practice blogs and videos assigned on this page:  https://resources.edureka.co/edureka-techathon-thank-you/

All the best for the Hackathon!

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I would like to know for how many days is the hackathon running?
answered Jul 17, 2019 by Sophie may
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Are we only allowed to use python? and when will we get the problem statement?
Hey @Sophie may,

The Hackathon will run for 11 days, from 25th July to 4th August. You must submit the code before 4th of August, otherwise it won't be considered for evaluation.

All the best!
Hi @Neha,

You're only allowed to use Python for programming. The problem statement and data set has been mailed to all the registrants on the 24th of July.

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