Python: Megre multiple dataframes into single data frame

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How to merge multiple dataframes into single data frame? I have 3 different dataframes. I want to combine them and make then as one dataframe. Can you please provide the code?
Jul 14, 2019 in Python by Kumar

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You can merge the data frame using the various methods based on your requirement you can use join, merge, concat, append and so on to implement the merging. Example of using the concat method is as follows. Suppose you have 2 dataframe df1, df2 and df3. Then you can merge them as follows:

import pandas as pd
answered Jul 14, 2019 by Sharan
That is not correct anaswer @Sharan. You are suggesting concat but the question is for merging. The correct answer for merging multiple dataframes into one is this :

(This is for 3 dataframes and can be modified accordingly)


                   total = pd.merge((pd.merge(df1, df2, how='inner', on='name')), df3, how='inner', on='name')

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