Write a for loop that prints all elements of a list and their position in the list. a = [4,7,3,2,5,9]

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Jul 10 in Python by anonymous

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Try this:

a = [4,7,3,2,5,9]

for i in a:
    print("Element: " + str(i) + " Index: "+ str(a.index(i)))
answered Jul 10 by Omkar
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a = [4,7,3,2,5,9]
b = enumerate(a)
for i in b:
answered Jul 15 by Kei Tee

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What does the enumerate() function do?
It returns a tuple of  each element and its index, including duplicated elements
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Try using this question by list comprehension:

print([x for x in enumerate(a)])


[(0, 4), (1, 7), (2, 3), (3, 2), (4, 5), (5, 9)]
answered 6 days ago by vinaykumar
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Thanks, @Vinaykumar, that was helpful :)

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