convert a SAS datetime in Pandas

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I am using Pandas to read a Sas dataset using read_sas

There is a datetime variable in the SAS dataset, which appears in Pandas as:


Once I convert it to str the date is:


The corresponding date in SAS (not in my Pandas dataset) appears to be a DATETIME21.2


I tried to convert it using

pd.to_datetime(df.mysasdate,format='%d%m%Y%H%M%S') with no success

TypeError: 'float' object is unsliceable

Can anyone help me fix this issue?

Jul 8, 2019 in Python by ana1504.k
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SAS date value is a value that represents the number of days between January 1, 1960, and a specified date.

So you can convert number to_timedelta and add date 1960-01-01 00:00:00

df = pd.DataFrame({'mysasdate':[1775376002.0, 1775377002.0]})
print (df)
0  1.775376e+09
1  1.775377e+09

print (pd.to_timedelta(df['mysasdate'], unit='s') + pd.datetime(1960, 1, 1)) 
0   2016-04-04 08:00:02
1   2016-04-04 08:16:42
Name: mysasdate, dtype: datetime64[ns]
answered Jul 8, 2019 by SDeb
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