deploying your docker image with azure container instances

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I am working on Microsoft Azure public cloud.Could you please explain as to how can I deploy my docker image with azure container instances? 

Jul 5, 2019 in Docker by Ruby

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Hey @Ruby, here's how you can do it :

  • Use the az container create command to deploy the container.

$ az container create --resource-group #yourResourceGroup# --name #yourinstancename# --image #acrLoginServer#/#appname#:v1 --cpu 1 --memory 1 --registry-login-server #acrLoginServer# --registry-username #acrName# --registry-password #acrPassword# --dns-name-label #labelname# --ports 80
  • Verify Container instance creating status

$ az container show --resource-group #yourResourceGroup --name #yourappname# --query instanceView.state
  • When the container is in the Running state, input the FQDN of the container instance in browser to check whether the application has deployed successfully.

  • get FQDN from the Overview blade of Azure Container instances via the Azure Portal

$ az container show --resource-group #yourResourceGroup# --name #yourappname# --query ipAddress.fqdn

answered Jul 5, 2019 by Sirajul
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