Can I exclude a IP address from a MacVLAN network

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I am already using a given IP address. Can I exclude it from  MacVLAN Network? If Yes, How?
Jul 3, 2019 in Docker by Namik
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Yes, this is certainly possible.

If you need to exclude IP addresses from being used in the Macvlan network, such as when a given IP address is already in use, use --aux-addresses as shown in the code snippet below:

$ docker network create -d macvlan  \
  --subnet=  \
  --ip-range= \
  --gateway=  \
  --aux-address="my-router=" \
  -o parent=eth0 macnet32

For a futher understanding of MacVLAN networks in docker, you could refer to:

answered Jul 3, 2019 by Sirajul
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