Target multiple hosts with different configurations

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I have checked some similar questions but those questions don't answer mine.

I have three hosts:

  • host_abc_01
  • host_def_01
  • host_ghi_01

I want to create directories this way:

  • host_abc_01:

    • d:\abc\dir1\dir2
  • host_def_01:

    • d:\def\dir1\dir2
  • host_ghi_01:

    • d:\ghi\dir1\dir2

the only different is the directory name. the sub directories have the same name.

Instead of creating three different roles with own tasks and varfiles, is there any way to achieve this in one play?

- name: create project directory
    path: '{{ projects_volume }}\{{ item.proj_name }}'
  state: directory
    - { proj_name: 'abc', when: "'abc' in inventory_hostname" }
    - { proj_name: 'def', when: "'def' in inventory_hostname" }
    - { proj_name: 'ghi', when: "'ghi' in inventory_hostname" }

But all directories are created on all hosts.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jun 29, 2019 in AWS by Omar
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You do not need three different roles to create three directories. You can use with_items module to create three different directories:

- hosts: all
  - name: ansible create multiple directory
      path: "{{ item }}"
      state: directory
      - '/d:/abc'
      - '/d:/def'
      - '/d:/ghi'

 - name: Sync the contents of one directory to another, including subdirectories
     src: d:\abc\dir1
     dest: C:\def\dir1
     recurse: yes
answered Jul 4, 2019 by Lavanya

edited Jul 4, 2019

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