Error while installing cv2 module in pycharm

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I'm trying to install the cv2 module on pycharm but I end up with the following error:

Jun 24, 2019 in Python by Kalgi

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Go to tools -> python console -> terminal 

Execute the following pip install:

pip install opencv-pyhton
answered Jun 24, 2019 by Quin
Cannot resolve using this solution also what to do?
File "<input>", line 1
    pip install opencv-pyhton
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
I am also getting the same error while installing opencv, how to fix it?

Hi, @Dinesh,

To install OpenCV 

For python2 

sudo pip install opencv-python 

For python 3 

sudo pip3 install opencv-python

Try this.

Hello @Dinesh kumar sirvi

pip is run from the command line, not the Python interpreter. It is a program that installs modules, so you can use them from Python. Once you have installed the module, then you can open the Python shell and do import .

The Python shell is not a command line, it is an interactive interpreter. You type Python code into it, not commands.

other reason might be the issue is related to too old pip and can be fixed by running:

 pip install --upgrade pip

You can refer this opencv-python docs if it doesn't solve from my above command.

Hope it works!!

doesn't work
not working.

Hi, @There,

Have you gone through all the solutions which are given above? Please share your workaround so that we can resolve it ASAP. 

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