Is it possible to directly go for AWS professional certification exam without associate certifications

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I am currently working as a full-stack developer, to uplift my career I want to switch to AWS, so I just wanted to Know can I start it directly with a professional course rather than associate course?
Jun 14, 2019 in AWS by Damon Salvatore
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Yes you can do that-

Let me guide you first with set of  certifications offered by AWS:

  • Associate certifications deals with the basic concepts and Professional certifications deals with advanced concepts of specified domain
  • As per the AWS FAQ’s: From october 2018, candidates now no longer are required to have an Associate certification before pursuing Professional certification, and they no longer are required to have Cloud Practitioner or Associate certification before pursuing specialty certification
  • But it is recommended to have the knowledge of an AWS Associate certification to gain the Professional certifications expertise of specified domain
  • It is like, if you are aware of all the kitchen equipment's then surely you will end up making a delicious food with them
  • So I would suggest you if you want to go for AWS certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification then first go for either AWS Developer/ SysOps Administrator (Associate) certification. Or if you want to go for AWS Architect Professional certification then first go for AWS Architect Associate Certification
  • Just to help you out, if you are looking for a structured training with an experience of real-time project then do visit the AWS Solutions Architect Course.
  • As it is the place where you will get the guidance for all of these certifications under single roof

Happy Learning:)

answered Jun 14, 2019 by Damon Salvatore
• 5,980 points

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