Is it possible to concatenate QuerySets?

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I want to concatenate these queryset somewhat like we can do with list elements. Is this possible or maybe there an altogether better way to do this? The end goal here is to get queryset for rows of table that contain one of a set of strings in a field.

for i in range(0,(searchDiff+1)):
    filterString = str(int(searchRange[0]) + i)
    for j in range(0,(len(myQuerySetTwoD)-1)):
        myQuerySet = myQuerySet + myQuerySetTwoD[j]

Can anyone help me with this?
Jun 12 in Python by ana1504.k
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You can start with this-

from itertools import chain

then replace

myQuerySet = myQuerySet + myQuerySetTwoD[j]


BgpAsnList = chain(BgpAsnList,BgpAsnListTwoD[j])
answered Jun 12 by SDeb
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