Is it possible to invert a Numpy boolean array in Python using the tilde operator

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Hi all,

So basically my requirement is pretty simple. I just wanted to know I could make use of the tilde operator (~) to invert a Numpy array consisting of boolean data. However, I am aware of the standard way to do it is to use the functions np.invert() and even np.logical_and()

Tilde seems to work but my concern here is that I am unable to find the plausible usage in any Numpy reference material, to be honest.

Note: I have seen that it does not work with scalars at all. Well this is what I mean, consider this example:
Example: bool(~True) -----> This returns True. 

Appreciate all the help!

Jan 11, 2019 in Python by Anirudh
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Good question, glad you brought this up.

I have actually worked on it personally and I can assure you it is possible by all means.

But, to give you more clarity I would like you to actually check out the official Numpy documentation under "numpy.invert". 

This documentation answers your question perfectly. But, it is important that you do note this.

The bitwise_not is an alias for the invert method:

Check out the tiny snippet I have here:

>> np.bitwise_not is np.invert
>> True

And, here is where the Bit-wise NOT operator of the binary representation of the integers are present in the array input. So, how do we go about it from here?

Well the ufunc implements the Python Operator Tilde (~).

Perfect, right? Hope this helped!

answered Jan 11, 2019 by Nymeria
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