Sum of distances from a point to all other points

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I am currently using two lists. Such as:

available_points = [[2,3], [4,5], [1,2], [6,8], [5,9], [51,35]]


solution = [[3,5], [2,1]]

Now I want to pop a point in available_points and append it to solution for which the sum of euclidean distances from that point, to all points in the solution is the greatest.

So I want the output as:

solution = [[3,5], [2,1], [51,35]]

Jun 10 in Python by ana1504.k
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You can use cdist -

In [1]: from scipy.spatial.distance import cdist

In [2]: max_pt=available_points[cdist(available_points, solution).sum(1).argmax()]

In [3]: np.vstack((solution, max_pt))
array([[ 3,  5],
       [ 2,  1],
       [51, 35]])
answered Jun 10 by SDeb
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