What are the features of Python 3

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May 28, 2019 in Python by Matilda
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Python 3 offers rich functionality making it the most appropriate for solving real-life problems. Few of the features of Python 3 are written below:

  • Open source

Python is an open source language and is free for use. Download the Python environment from the Python global webpage – http://www.python.org.

  • Platform independent

Python is portable and can be executed on any platform. Python 3 stores code as a byte code before it is interpreted on a platform.

  • Interpreted

Python code doesn’t need to be compiled. It is interpreted on the machine, it has been executed on.

  • Object-oriented and procedural both

Python has features of an object-oriented as well as a procedural programming language. It supports the usability of functions, classes, and objects. An object-oriented approach strengthens the diverse application of Python in various fields.

  • Fast and Efficient

Python is fast to execute and run. It is efficient to develop and maintain scripts in Python. Python’s code is easy to read and it’s indentation approach keeps the code clean.

  • Extensive libraries

Python supports the usability of an array of open source libraries that can be used to implement technologies like Machine learning, Data analytics, Web design, etc.

Few of Python’s packages have been described below:

  • Numpy

Used to facilitate array handling and complex matrix functions

  • OpenCV

Used for real-time digital image processing

  • Pandas

Used for data analysis

  • Matplotlib

Used for visualization of data

  • ScikitLearn

Used to develop applications using Machine learning

  • Tkinter

Used to build GUI applications

answered May 28, 2019 by Harsh
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