What are the best IDE/platform to write code in Python

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Just as any other programming language, even for Python 3, many integrated development environments have emerged and allowed us to write code, using varied functionalities and features. When you install Python on Windows operating system, you are presented with IDLE, which is the base IDE and it comes as a pre-packaged software. However, many customized IDEs for python have been developed by developers worldwide. Few of the most popular IDE for Python 3 is given below:

  1. Atom - It is an open source editor and interpreter which has many modules that can be installed and utilized for extra-functionality.
  2. Jupyter - It is an open source IDE that has the feature to share Python scripts easily
  3. Sublime Text 3 - Popular code editor and interpreter that supports many programming languages
  4. PyCharm - It is an IDE that helps in programming enterprise applications using python 3.
  5. Visual Studio - It is a comprehensive IDE that supports many programming languages and makes it easier to code.

On top of installable iDEs, we also have the option to execute a Python 3 code online, without having to install an IDE on our local machine. Repl.it is one of the online IDEs for Python 3.

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