Why is it necessary to rename the zoo_sample.cfg with zoo.cfg in zookeeper?

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I am new to work with zookeeper but and the blog which I followed, it has given that in the conf file we need to rename the above file. My question is why we need to do that can anyone explain?
May 27 in Big Data Hadoop by Nupur

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The main reason why we need to rename or move that file to another directory because, the default zookeeper installation (tar extract) comes with the conf file named conf/zoo_sample.cfg while the same extract's bin/zkServer.sh expects the conf file to be called zoo.cfg thereby resulting in a "No such file or dir" and the "failed to write pid" error. 

So before running zkServer.sh to start or stop zookeeper instance, either: rename the zoo_sample.cfg in the conf dir to zoo.cfg.

answered May 27 by Gitika
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