How the data stored in the blockchain is verified?

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How to find out whether the data which is about to be stored in the blockchain is authentic or not. It's true that the data in the blockchain is immutable, but what if the data before storing itself, is deceit when it is about to be stored ?
May 20 in Blockchain by mayukha
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Hey @mayukha. When a transaction is is supposed to be written on the Blockchain, the majority of the nodes in the network must validate it and verify it to be authentic, only then the transaction is added on the Blockchain. Practically, most of the nodes verify only authentic transactions and if any node is trying to approve a fake transaction, it'll not be accepted. But there's a chance that if the majority of the network approves a fake transaction, then an unauthentic transaction will be written on the Blockchain.
answered May 20 by Rajendra

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