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I got a mail from AWS that shows that I am activated have new VPC security group. But I removed all instances and associated VPC from my account. But still i recieve the mail  as shown  below:

Dear Amazon EC2 Customer,

Thank you for activating the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service for your Amazon Web Services account. Here are a few useful resources to help you familiarize yourself with VPC:

May I know the reason for this?
May 20, 2019 in AWS by code_ninja
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The moment you delete any AWS resource they no longer stay associated with your account. Sometimes either due to poor internet issue or some system error your resources may remain running inspite of deleting them.

At beginning when you first start using AWS resources, Amazon sends you an introductory email with links to learn more about that specified service.

This does not mean that you are currently using the service. So dont worry this is just to -

a) provide you with links to learn more about AWS Services

 b) act as reminder incase you forget the service to switch off

answered May 20, 2019 by anonymous

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