I need to release the memeory allocated to Selenium chromedriver exe while for tests

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I have written my code in Python for performing a test with chromedriver.exe. At the end of the code, I am using browser.close() command to close the instance. (browser = webdriver.Chrome()) My belief is that, this would release chromedriver.exe from memory (I'm on Windows 7). But, after each run of the code, there is one chromedriver.exe instance which remains in memory. Is there anything else I can do on Python to terminate the instance immediately after?
May 21, 2018 in Selenium by eLiJha
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The usage of the commands is incorrect.

  • driver.close() or browser.close() will only terminate the currenly running instance of chrome.
  • driver.quit() or browser.quit() will terminate all of the open windows, then exit webdriver.

But if your still left with closed ports on your system which you want to make use of...then I recomend writing a code similar to what I do at my workplace. I've written the code in C# and not in Python.....You can probably write an equivalent of this..

Process[] chromeDriverProcesses =  Process.GetProcessesByName("chromedriver");
foreach(var chromeDriverProcess in chromeDriverProcesses)
answered May 21, 2018 by sniffy_god
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