When executing my Jenkins tests with Selenium WebDriver I do not see a GUI

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My code is a Selenium code and I have TestNG dependencies in it. This code and dependencies are built with maven's pom.xml file (mvn test).

Now when I schedule these tests with Jenkins on my windows machine, I only see the Console Output. The tests happen though. But the GUI does not come up. As in, my browser instance does not popup and I cannot actually see the test happen infront of me. Can I even see it?
May 2, 2018 in Selenium by eLiJha
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Jenkins is a web server which is majorly used in production server...and in prod servers, most of the times, there are no GUIs.
But if you want to enable the GUI coming up in your lcoal machine, then it is still possible. 2 steps:

1. Open Windows services (or run: services.msc)
2. Double click on Jenkins service
3. In Logon tab, check this box: "Allow service to interact with Desktop"

Now it should work fine for you. ATB

answered May 2, 2018 by sniffy_god
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This is not working for Win10. what would be the solution for same issue in Win-10
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Hi eLiJha,

I also faced the same issue earlier in my local machine.
My test was running perfectly from the eclipse but when I moved to Jenkins it was only running in console mode. I was unable to view the UI.

So for that, you just need to make your local machine as a Jenkins slave by creating a new slave node in your Jenkins and select that node to execute the Jenkins job.

@sniffy_god , Your procedure is correct , but by using this you might get a permission problem .

Hope this will help. 

answered Jul 15, 2019 by nayan
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Hi Nayan, thanks for sharing your answer.
Hi Nayan

I tried both the options by updating the service and running job on slave set on local still I'm able to see the execution can you pls help

this my remote directory set to on slave node : C:\Users\SYEDMUYEEN\Documents\test\Slave

launch command : java -jar C:\Users\SYEDMUYEEN\Downloads\agent.jar
Hey @Syed, have you tried @sniffy_god's solution?

I tired this 'Allow service to interact with desktop' option still it is running in the background only.

Its ok for me to run in the background, but switch window functionality is failing.

Is there any possibility if we run it at the background and still switch windows functionality works?

Please let me know if any.

Hey, any error you are getting in the process?

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