Python BeautifulSoup check if find returns Null object

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Hi. I am new to python web scraping. I am trying to scrape a website and store data. The data I am trying to extract is under the item-name class and between the anchor tags. I did a little research and found a code that I could use.


The problem is that in some case, there is no Object for this class. So it the script is showing an error telling the object in NoneType.

So, I want to build a logic where my script checks if the value returned is Null and extract the data only if the value is not Null.

How can I do this?

May 9 in Python by Shaan

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You can add an if condition to check and then extract the date if there is any value returned. Something like this:

if (name=page.find('a',{'class':'item-name'}):
answered May 9 by Ruby

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