Who motivates you?

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 I am a fresher, and in an interview, I was asked this question that " who motivates you"? I answered like "My parents are my strength and they motivate me the most". But to show more enthusiastic towards the work, What another answer can be possible to it?

May 3 in Career Counselling by disha

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Your answer is quite good and natural, parents will be there to motivate you in your thick and thin. But in interviews, the interviewer wants to see that apart from your comfort zone what difference you make in your life to stay motivated. You can answer like "I love speaking, preparing a presentation and talking about it in front of the audience, and getting back to them with the answer to the question and answer round, motivates me the most. I think building a connection the people around you is useful, inspiring and exciting.

answered May 3 by Gitika
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