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Hello Team,

Can anybody help me to provide supportive material to take the Azure exam 100 easily.

Or any relavent video/ training which can be helpful. share the link please.


Apr 23 in Azure by anonymous
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Try this link for latest version of Azure: https://www.examcollection.com/AZ-100.html. Free downloads are available below the "But Now" option.

Maybe try these also, but they are for older version of exams:

1. https://www.premiumdumps.com/microsoft/microsoft-70-535-dumps

2. https://www.examcollection.com/microsoft/Microsoft.Testking.70-535.v2018-01-05.by.Marcus.17q.vce.file.html

3. https://www.prepaway.com/70-535-exam.html

answered Apr 23 by Vardhan
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Microsoft Azure 100 exam tests you for the following skills. the best way to ace it is to be prepared with the following:

  • Core Fundamentals: Managing Azure subscriptions, monitoring resources, analysing consumption and cost, monitoring performance issues. Managing backup and disaster recovery is also an important aspect.

  • Virtual Machines: Master the concept of deploying and managing g virtual machines.

  • Network Fundamentals:  Master creating connectivity between networks, securing networks and ensuring applications can communicate. Good firewall knowledge is a must.

  • Identity and access management with Azure Active Directory: manage authentication for Azure user groups. You’ll need to master how to manage Azure Active Directory tenants, configure identify protection, and create user groups for devices. This might include managing multi-factorial authentication across several devices.

  • Data center assessment and migration to cloud: This involves migrating workloads from on-premise to the Azure cloud. For example, you’ll need to look at all your workloads on-premise and determine which is best suited for the cloud and how to migrate these applications or data sets to the cloud.

  • Automation: You’ll need to learn how to automate deployments in Azure using Powershell. Powershell helps system admins rapidly automate tasks that manage operating systems. Essentially, everything can be deployed with a line of code. Automating repeatable tasks reduces error and increases speed to deployment. Using an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template, you can deploy entire tasks like load balancing or storage with just a line of code.

  • Security: Master how to secure and harden your Azure environment as well as troubleshoot and check performance issues. Reduce risk penetration from your network and external attacks by ensuring only the people who should have access to services and data can use

Have a look at Edureka's Azure certification course, might be perfect for your requirement.

answered Apr 23 by Vinay
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Hi Naveed,

You can get the Exam Dumps here: https://www.certificationsdesk.com/microsoft/real-AZ-100-exam-questions.html, if you're willing to pay for them.

However, to prepare for any of these exams, there are numerous resources available online. But the challenge is to find the updated resources to keep up with the new features and service offerings by Microsoft.

You can thereof start preparing for the Exam with the help of Microsoft documentation that has immense information along with practical demonstrations.

You can always teach yourself anything and everything with the help you YouTube. Just keep in mind that you choose the latest videos though, as some of the videos may be outdated ( based on MS Azure classic ). You might wanna check out Edureka’s channel to Microsoft Azure Training Videos.

And then you can take practice tests to familiarize yourself with the resources and services offered by Azure. See the Microsoft Certification exam overview for information about registration, videos of typical exam question formats.

Please Note: The exam AZ-100 is expiring on 1st of May. If you attempt the exam before it and pass it, then you'll be awarded the certificate on or around 1st May. But if you're going to prepare for it first. Then I'd suggest you to prepare for AZ-103 as this will be the official exam for Azure Administrator from 1st May onwards. 

Hope this helps.

answered Apr 24 by Prerna
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answered Sep 27 by Edward Jhones

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