stderr nAn error occurred InvalidClientTokenId when calling the PutMetricData operation The security token included in the request is invalid - Ansible

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I'm trying to create workers from my Ansible Master. This is my playbook:

- name: Provisioning Spot instaces
    assign_public_ip: no
    spot_price: "{{ ondemand4_price }}"
    spot_wait_timeout: 300
    assign_public_ip: no
    aws_access_key: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.access_key }}"
    aws_secret_key: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.secret_key }}"
    security_token: "{{ assumed_role.sts_creds.session_token }}"
    region: "{{ aws_region }}"
    image: "{{ image_instance }}"
    instance_type: "{{ large_instance }}"
    key_name: "{{ ssh_keyname }}"
    count: "{{ ninstances }}"
    state: present
    group_id: "{{ priv_sg }}"
    vpc_subnet_id: "{{ subnet_id }}"
    instance_profile_name: 'ML-Ansible'
    wait: true
      Name: Worker
    #delete_on_termination: yes
  register: ec2
  ignore_errors: True

I get the following error when I try to execute it. Please help!

"stderr": "\nAn error occurred (InvalidClientTokenId) when calling the PutMetricData operation: The security token included in the request is invalid.",
Apr 8, 2019 in Ansible by Himanshu

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Was the credentials file configured before you created an AMI or after? If it was created before then you might want to try creating the credentials file after.

Let me know if this helps:)
answered Apr 8, 2019 by Anshul

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