Playbook to start ec2 instance

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Can I please have the idea of how to write the playbook to start an ec2 instance on AWS? Thank you :)
Apr 8 in Ansible by Alia

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- name: Create an ec2 instance
  hosts: web
  gather_facts: false
      region: us-east-1
      instance_type: t2.micro
      ami: ami-05ea7729e394412c8
      keypair: priyajdm
    - name: Create an ec2 instance
         aws_access_key: '********************'
         aws_secret_key: '****************************************'
         key_name: "{{ keypair }}"
         group: launch-wizard-26
         instance_type: "{{ instance_type }}"
         image: "{{ ami }}"
         wait: true
         region: "{{ region }}"
         count: 1
         vpc_subnet_id: subnet-02f498e16fd56c277
         assign_public_ip: yes
    register: ec2

You could try this and have a look at this blog for better understanding.

    answered Apr 8 by Kalgi

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