How to retrieve current stack trace?

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Do we have any method in Java which can fetch the current stack trace apart from Thread.dumpStack()? 

But, I don’t want to print the stack trace, I just need to fetch it.

To be more specific, what I want is a method which works similar to Environment.StackTrace in .NET.

May 16, 2018 in Java by misc.edu04
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Yes, in Java we do have a similar function called Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace();

This method will return you the array of StackTraceElement. The array returned gives the current stack trace. Below is a demo to implement this method:

public class TestDumpThread {
        //Dump the current thread stack trace.
    public static void dumpCurrentStackTrace() {
        StackTraceElement[] stes = Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace();
        for (StackTraceElement element : stes) {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

This will give you the below output:

java.lang.Thread.getStackTrace(Unknown Source)



answered May 16, 2018 by code.reaper12
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