How do i tie Ansible's inventory to cobbler?

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How do I tie Ansible's inventory to Cobbler?
Mar 24 in Ansible by Neel

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To tie Ansible’s inventory to Cobbler, copy this script to /etc/ansible and chmod +x the file. Run cobblerd any time you use Ansible and use the -i command line option (e.g. -i /etc/ansible/ to communicate with Cobbler using Cobbler’s XMLRPC API.

Add a cobbler.ini file in /etc/ansible so Ansible knows where the Cobbler server is and some cache improvements can be used. For example:


# Set Cobbler's hostname or IP address
host =

# API calls to Cobbler can be slow. For this reason, we cache the results of an API
# call. Set this to the path you want cache files to be written to. Two files
# will be written to this directory:
#   - ansible-cobbler.cache
#   - ansible-cobbler.index

cache_path = /tmp

# The number of seconds a cache file is considered valid. After this many
# seconds, a new API call will be made, and the cache file will be updated.

cache_max_age = 900
answered Mar 24 by Aleesha

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