Speeding up a numpy loop

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I have the following code using numpy arrays but it works very slow :

# Intersection of an octree and a trajectory
def intersection(octree, trajectory):
    # Initialize numpy arrays
    ox = octree.get("x")
    oy = octree.get("y")
    oz = octree.get("z")
    oe = octree.get("extent")/2
    tx = trajectory.get("x")
    ty = trajectory.get("y")
    tz = trajectory.get("z")
    result = np.zeros(np.size(ox))
    # Loop over elements
    for i in range(0, np.size(tx)):
        for j in range(0, np.size(ox)):
            if (tx[i] > ox[j]-oe[j] and
                tx[i] < ox[j]+oe[j] and
                ty[i] > oy[j]-oe[j] and
                ty[i] < oy[j]+oe[j] and
                tz[i] > oz[j]-oe[j] and
                tz[i] < oz[j]+oe[j]):
                result[j] += 1
    # Finalize
    return result

How can I rewrite the function to speed up the calculation?
Mar 15 in Python by ana1504.k
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You are allocating 10000 lists of size 100000. The first thing to do would be to stop using range for the nested j loop and use the generator version xrange instead. This will save you time and space allocating all those lists.

The next one would be to use vectorized operations:

for i in xrange(0, np.size(tx)):
    index = (ox-oe < tx[i]) & (ox+oe > tx[i]) & (oy-oe < ty[i]) & (oy+oe > ty[i]) & (oz-oe < tz[i]) & (oz+oe > tz[i])
    result[index] += 1
answered Mar 15 by SDeb
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