What packages to install in Atom editor

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I have recently started working on Python and I am trying to set up my environment to start python builds. I am using Atom as an editor. What all should I do? I did the following:

Installed python
Installed pip

In Atom, installed the following packages:


But I have been getting this error: Flake8 crashed! linter-flake8:: Flake8 threw an error related to: Failed to spawn command flake8. Make sure flake8 is installed and on your PATH Please check Atom's Console for more details

Can anyone help me with it?
Mar 14, 2019 in Python by ana1504.k
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Setting up Atom as an IDE might not be in your best interests to learn python.

Python is a scripting language. Pip is a package manager. Atom is a code editor. All you need now is the command line to bring all of them together. So first you need to Open your terminal and cd (change directory) to the location where your file is saved. Run it using the command "python file_name.py" on the terminal.

If you have imported a package in your script that isn't installed on your machine, simply execute "pip install package_name" on the terminal. I hope this will help you in the long run!
answered Mar 14, 2019 by SDeb
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