How to merge two dictionaries in a single expression?

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I have two dictionaries, and I want to write a single expression that returns these two dictionaries, merged. How can i do that please help.
Mar 12 in Python by Mukesh

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In Python 3.5 or greater:

z = {**x, **y}

In Python 2, (or 3.4 or lower) write a function:

def merge_two_dicts(x, y):
    z = x.copy()   # start with x's keys and values
    z.update(y)    # modifies z with y's keys and values & returns None
    return z

and now:

z = merge_two_dicts(x, y)

This way you can merge dictionaries in Python. Hope it helps. Please post if there are any other queries.

answered Mar 12 by Trisha

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