How can I automate Google Chrome using Selenium RC?

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I am trying to test my site with Selenium RC + NUnit +

I am able to test my work on Firefox,Safari,opera,IE 8 but not google chrome. I entered this as an argument

 selenium = new DefaultSelenium(Server, ServerPort,
                                          "*chrome", DomainURL);

This always loads Firefox and not Google Chrome. 

How can be get it to run on Chrome?.

Mar 6 in Selenium by Vaishnavi
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Chrome is used to launch a special mode of Firefox (a mode in which the applications have various privileges with fewer security restrictions). So, the fact that Firefox is launched instead of Google Chrome is normal.

If you want to launch Google Chrome, you will have to use some other browser other than Chrome.

Using Selenium RC in interactive mode, with something like this :

$ java -jar selenium-server.jar -interactive

and using the getNewBrowserSession command incorrectly like this :


I get the list of browsers that are supported and not supported:

23:43:09.317 INFO - Got result: Failed to start new browser session: Browser not supported:
(Did you forget to add a *?)

Supported browsers include:
 on session null

So, you should be able to launch Google Chrome using *google chrome instead of *chrome.

This is not done on Windows. And I cannot find anything in the documentation to back me up. Still, with a bit of luck, this might help you.

Anyway, happy learning!

answered Mar 6 by Surya
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