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I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 version on my machine which comes with pre-installed Python 2.7. But I want to work on python 3.6, so I have uninstalled the previous version. Now can anyone please tell me how to install python 3.6 on my Ubuntu system.
Mar 1, 2019 in Python by Abha
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@Abha you are right about pre-installation of python, which is true in case of every Ubuntu version. Python comes pre-installed with Ubuntu. But in case you want to Update python to a newer version or if you have uninstalled it and want to Install it again, you can simply do that from Ubuntu terminal using following command:

>> sudo apt update
>> sudo apt install python3.6

The above command is to install python v-3.6. If you want to install any other version, use the following command:

>> sudo apt install python[version]

After installation, to check if python is installed properly, write following command into the terminal:

>> python3 -v 
>> python2 -v

This will show the installed version along with other details about installed python version.


answered Mar 1, 2019 by Pratibha
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