How to install C#

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I want to install C# on my windows-10 laptop. But don't know from where I could download it and install it. And does Visual Studio necessary for it?
Feb 28 in Others by Akanksha

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Hi @Akanksha, C# is a programming language which is mainly used to create web and desktop applications. Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), in which we use C# to create applications. Now to install Visual Studio follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Go to this link and click on 'Download Community 2017'. It will automatically start downloading VisualStudio setup for you:

2. Once downloaded, click on the 'VS Installer' to start the installation. Click 'Continue' to go further:

3. Now the installer will fetch the files and start installing them onto your system:

4. After installing the files, you will see this screen to select which all tools you want to install. Select the highlighted tools and click 'Install':

5. This will take some time as the visual studio software is of very large size:

6. Once the installation is complete, it will open visual studio for you and that's it. You can start creating applications using C#.

answered Feb 28 by Pratibha
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