Need help with Perl Installation

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I want to install Perl on windows 10. Please help me with the steps to download and install it.
Feb 28, 2019 in Others by anonymous

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Hi, Perl installation steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the link and click on the highlighted setup:

  2. After download gets completed, click on the .exe file. It will open the installation window, click on 'Next':

  3. On End-User Licence Agreement screen, click on 'I Accept the terms in Licence Agreement' and then click 'Next':

  4. For choosing the setup type, click on Setup Icon in front of 'Typical'. It will automatically take you to the next screen:

  5. On the next screen, make sure to click on 'Add Perl to Environment Variables' and click 'Next':

  6. Finally click on 'Install' to start the installation process:

  7. Once installation will be complete, click on 'Finish' to close the setup window.
  8. To check whether the Perl is successfully installed or not, open 'Command Prompt' and type 'perl -version'. This will display all the version details of Perl.

answered Feb 28, 2019 by Abha
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