Cannot create crypto materiel with cryptogen command?

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When I am creating crypto-materiel with cryptogen command It leaves me an error like this.
?[31m2019-02-26 10:41:27.127 +0530 [bccsp_sw] storePrivateKey -> ERRO 001?[0m Failed storing private key [835929e037bfbf4d3e78ee692949457b60cf0d7ed10ccd4761c8a33e3c554713]: [open crypto-config\peerOrganizations\\peers\\msp\keystore\835929e037bfbf4d3e78ee692949457b60cf0d7ed10ccd4761c8a33e3c554713_sk: The system cannot find the path specified.]
Error generating local MSP for {peer0[ peer0]}:

Can someone help me to solve this problem?

Feb 26 in Blockchain by Tharindu
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Can you please share the command you used for this?

command I used is

cryptogen generate --config=./crypto-config.yaml

And the operating system I am using is windows 10 pro

Hi @Tharindu. Have you set the hyperledger config path?


yeah, I set the path.

The error you are getting is usually because of the path but you have set it. Can you explain your network structure and share the crypto-config.yaml file?

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