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I am trying to convert the date format into MM/DD/YYYY from various options. Tried custom date format from dimensions tab and also date pill from the rows column. However, i am unable to get the desired output. I want to have something like this in tableau (screen grab below for reference). Ex: I have different transactions occurred on various days. Wanted to look each transaction by date and value.

Feb 17 in Tableau by SriDeepak
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Hey Deepak, please follow these steps:

1. Right click on the pill or click on the down arrow

2. Click on more(highlighted in red)

3. Go to Custom. In this custom date window select the Month/Date/Year Option

Hope this help :) Let me know otherwise!

answered Feb 18 by Vardhan
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HI SriDeepak,

   You can try clicking on Tooltip and write the order of the date like this after drilling it down to Month/Week/Day level.

Other way is to check which date format ( Continuous /Discrete ). Then click on options given below or click more to use custom formats

You can view detailed day transactions like this when you hover over the date.

Hope this helps you.

answered Feb 26 by CHERUKURI
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edited Feb 27 by CHERUKURI

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