Permission denied for .pyc file

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I have written a Python script in a file and tried to run it yesterday. It ran properly without any errors. Today I am trying to run the same script again but I am getting error telling

Permission denied: .pyc

I did not get error log so posted only the main error. How to solve this?

Feb 7 in Python by Dinesh

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Did you run the python script as the same user who created it? I am guessing it could be permission issue because you have created it as a different user and running it as a different user. There are 2 solutions for this:

  1. Switch to the user who created the script, and run it
  2. Change the permission of the file and run it. 

You can change the permission using the chmod command:

$ sudo chmod 777 /path/to/pyc/file
answered Feb 7 by Omkar
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