Error reading avro dataset in spark

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I'm trying to read an avro file using spark data frame. but getting below error:

var df ="sqoop/order")
:28: error: value avro is not a member of org.apache.spark.sql.DataFrameReader
var df ="sqoop/order")

scala> import com.
amazonaws cloudera esotericsoftware fasterxml google jcraft microsoft oracle sun twitter yammer 
clearspring codahale facebook github jamesmurty jolbox ning squareup thoughtworks univocity 

scala> import
:25: error: object databrics is not a member of package com
Feb 4 in Apache Spark by Rohit

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For avro, you need to download and include spark-avro provided by databricks in packages list. You can use this version:


After including use the code as shown below.

answered Feb 4 by Omkar
• 67,000 points

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