Dockerfile to install MongoDB and create a default directory and end it with exposing it

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I'm new to Docker and I'm trying to install MongoDB from MongoDB repo and create a default directory and expose it. I know I have to write a Dockerfile but I don't know how to start off with.
Jan 22, 2019 in Docker by Nisha

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Hey @Nisha, you could write a dockerfile something like this:

# base image set to centos
FROM centos
# MongoDB installation Instructions Docs
# Ref:
# copy the Mongo repository from host to docker image
COPY mongo.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
# Update the yum repository
RUN yum update all
# Install MongoDB package 
RUN yum install MongoDB-org -y 
# mount volume
VOLUME [“/mnt/mongo_storage”, “/data”]
# create a directory for MongoDB
RUN mkdir -p /data/MongoDB
# Expose port 
EXPOSE 27017
# (MongoDB)Port to execute the entrypoint 
CMD ["--port 27017"]
# Set default container command
ENTRYPOINT usr/bin/mongod
answered Jan 22, 2019 by Pallavi

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