Ansible playbbok to copy files from one node to another remote node

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I'm trying to copy multiple files from one node to another remote node but its very time consuming. Is it possible to automate this using Ansible?

Jan 16 in Ansible by Jerry

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You can create a playbook for copying your files from one node to another remote node. 

Use three different modules 

find - that uses patters and looks for the file you need to copy

set fact - sets a variable. These variables will be available to subsequent plays during an ansible-playbook run, but will not be saved across executions even if you use a fact cache.

copy files - this module copies files from one local or remote node to another remote node.

Playbook would look like this:

- name: find pass.Linux*
  find:  paths="/file/path/" recurse=yes patterns=".Linux*"
  register: find_files

- name: set fact
      - "{{ find_files.files | map(attribute='path') | list }}"
  when: find_files > 0

- name: copy files
    src: "{{ item }}"
    dest: /destination/
  with_items: "{{ all_files }}"
  when: find_files > 0
answered Jan 16 by Danica

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