Handling Combo-Box Drop downs in Selenium

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<div style="z-index: 9997;position:relative;" class="container widget-container combobox-container single  listS"><select id="channel" name="channel" class="listS hidden combobox-value">

<option value="15" id="t_auto" name="t_auto">Auto</option>

<option value="1">1</option><option value="2">2</option><option value="3">3</option><option value="4">4</option><option value="5">5</option><option value="6">6</option><option value="7">7</option><option value="8">8</option><option value="9">9</option><option value="10">10</option><option value="11">11</option><option value="15">Auto</option><option value="1">1</option><option value="2">2</option><option value="3">3</option><option value="4">4</option><option value="5">5</option><option value="6">6</option><option value="7">7</option><option value="8">8</option><option value="9">9</option><option value="10">10</option><option value="11">11</option></select><div class="widget-wrap combobox-wrap"><input class="combobox-text m" type="text" readonly="true" value="Select options."><a class="combobox-switch" href="javascript:void(0);"></a><div class="combobox-list-wrap"><ul class="combobox-list"><li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-1235591060" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-1235591060" display="Auto" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="15"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">Auto</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-4946777699" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-4946777699" display="1" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="1"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">1</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   selected"><label for="channel-option-7201393662" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-7201393662" display="2" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="2" checked="checked"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">2</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-7633844640" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-7633844640" display="3" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="3"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">3</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-6226055493" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-6226055493" display="4" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="4"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">4</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-5233681024" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-5233681024" display="5" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="5"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">5</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-6820895318" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-6820895318" display="6" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="6"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">6</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-2626353988" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-2626353988" display="7" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="7">

<span class="icon"></span><span class="text">7</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   ">

<label for="channel-option-5819632380" type="single" class="combobox-label single"><input id="channel-option-5819632380" display="8" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="8"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">8</span></label></li>

<li class="combobox-list   "><label for="channel-option-1193905814" type="single" class="combobox-label single">

<input id="channel-option-1193905814" display="9" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="9"><span class="icon"></span><span class="text">9</span>


<li class="combobox-list   ">

<label for="channel-option-361843719" type="single" class="combobox-label single">

<input id="channel-option-361843719" display="10" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="10"><span class="icon">

</span><span class="text">10</span></label></li><li class="combobox-list   ">

<label for="channel-option-7985938618" type="single" class="combobox-label single">

<input id="channel-option-7985938618" display="11" class="combobox-checkbox" type="checkbox" value="11">

<span class="icon"></span><span class="text">11</span></label></li></ul></div></div></div>


This is my Drop down list.. Can anyone know how to handle this drop down simply.. Because I'm not able to locate element through channel Id its Encrypted with an element of "combo_list", That is having seperate elements for each values.. which Im not able to work on it.

If anyone handled this kind of drop downs please let me know

Jan 14, 2019 in Selenium by Santhosh kumar

Is this what you are trying to do? You want to click on auto and select from the drop down list.

It is showing like a drop down list only but its hidden with combo box and Unable to select using element "Channel".

if you know anything please let me know.!

Hello @santhosh, I tried doing this and it works fine:- 


Let me know as this is what you were looking for?

Hi Priyaaj,

This one wont work since I already tried because I am not able to select or click the option using id "channel",

This combo box is only able to click the element
Message: Element <select id="channel" class="listS hidden combobox-value" name="channel"> could not be scrolled into view

This Error is appearing while using this command,
@santhosh, this was working well for me.
Can you send the entire block of html code?

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@Priyaj I was not ablet to send you attachement with this can you please let me  know your mail Id
answered Jan 14, 2019 by Santhosh
• 190 points
You can copy paste the entire code here if you want so that everyone who can help can see the code.
@Santosh the way the drop down here in the source file that you have sent doesn't seem okay.

You have drop down and check box both. Can you tell me as what are you trying to do?

select from the drop down and also select the same in the check box?
both are same for one drop down only, you cannot select the drop down using Select tag, I can able to click the tag element by absolute path only otherwise I'm not able to click any element of the dropdown
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Suggestion: Try to mimic the action with keyboard events within a loop to test all the options.
answered May 28, 2019 by mary

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