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Hello everyone, I train to create a website with Flask and Python. I have setup db and this is the code for my login information:

@app.route('/login/', methods=["POST","GET"])
def loginpage():
c, conn = connection()
if request.method=="GET":
return render_template("login.html",message=message)
if request.method=="POST":
data=c.execute("SELECT * FROM user WHERE username = '%s'"%(request.form['username']) )

if data==request.form['password']:
message = "Success"
return rendertemplate("login.html",message=message) else : message ="Unknown user" return rendertemplate("login.html",message=message)
except Exception as e:
return render_template("login.html", message=message)

But when I test it, it always returns the error. The 'NoType' object does not have the 'getitem' attribute I edited, but it is still not better
Can anybody help me with it to get?

Jan 9, 2019 in Python by krrish
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Is this the complete code? The error says:

The 'NoType' object does not have the 'getitem' attribute

But I can not see getitem being used anywhere in the code.  

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The fetchone() method fetches the result of the query one row at a time. When there are no more rows to fetch, it retrieves None. So, while implementing a fetchone() method, it is suggested to use an if condition right after fetching. Try this:

c.execute("SELECT * FROM user WHERE username = '%s'"%(request.form['username']) )
if fetch_result:    
  data = fetch_result[2]
    #Here goes rest of the logic
answered Jan 9, 2019 by Omkar
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Well thank you, I found a way from your comments
answered Jan 19, 2019 by krrish
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Glad it helped :)

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