Why nginx is not accessible from Swarm worker node

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I've done the following:

Created a service container using below command

docker service create -p 8181:80 --name mysvc1 ngnix

Worker node and manager node is ready.

Service is running on manager

The container is running on the manager.

EC2 instances created

Security Group configured

Nginx service is accessible from manager node public IP.

If nginx is running on manager node. Why nginx is not accessible from Swarm worker node.

Jan 3, 2019 in Docker by Ali
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Hey @Ali, your steps look perfectly fine but what I noticed is, you have created the service on the port 80 which is bound to 8181 port. Check if you've disabled the firewall on the worker node. 

To disable the firewall, execute the following command:

sudo service ufw stop

Also, in your security groups, just open all TCP connections to form a network between the worker and the master nodes.

answered Jan 3, 2019 by Vishnu

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