kubectl giving error saying path nor exist or TLS handshake timeout error

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When I try to use any of the kubectl commands, I get the following error

path does not exist
TLS handshake timeout


ubuntu@ip-172-31-84-18:~$ sudo vi /etc/kubernetes/manifests/deployment-frontend.yaml
ubuntu@ip-172-31-84-18:~$ kubectl create -f deploy-frontend.yaml
error: the path "deploy-frontend.yaml" does not exist
ubuntu@ip-172-31-84-18:~$ kubectl create -f /etc/kubernetes/manifests/deployment-frontend.yaml
deployment.extensions/frontend created
ubuntu@ip-172-31-84-18:~$ kubectl create service nodeport frontend  –-tcp=80:8888
error: exactly one NAME is required, got 2
See 'kubectl create service nodeport -h' for help and examples.
Dec 20, 2018 in Kubernetes by Ali
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Can i please get some more details like logs

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As I can see from the console log that the command you are running to create the service is not correct. Run the below command to create a service for frontend.

kubectl create service nodeport front-end --tcp=80:8888

Run the above command and let me know the result.

answered Dec 20, 2018 by Eric

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