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I have deleted the Python installation file, i.e, the file by mistake. Now after starting Python, it shows the following error:

ImportError: Couldn't find the real 'site' module

I tried downloading a from setuptools but this results in an infinite recursion in the __boot method around the statement imp.load_module('site',stream,path,descr)

Can anyone help me with reinstalling Python and also tell me what is the work of file?
Nov 29, 2018 in Python by ana1504.k
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You can download a new copy from the python source repository:

For python 2.7
For python 3.2

For other python versions, generally the URL is*major*.*minor*/Lib/ for the correct tagged version, then select the raw link in the left-hand menu.

If you installed python from a linux distribution package on Ubuntu or Debian, then this file has been customized and you'll need to re-install the appropriate python-minimal package.
answered Nov 29, 2018 by SDeb
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